Designing Highly Functional WordPress Themes

Designing beautiful and highly functional WordPress themes is not as simple as opening your design editor of choice and going to town. There’s a lot more to think about when it comes to developing beautiful WordPress themes that intentionally focus on both form and function.

It’s important to understand the full genius of what “design” encompasses. The art of design not only reflects style and invokes emotion, it also consists of the underlining structure, rules,andstandards within a given context.

Better WordPress Theme Onboarding with Merlin WP

You get one chance to make a fantastic first impression. Just one. WordPress itself isn’t particularly known for its first impressions, and WordPress themes in general are notoriously difficult to get rolling.

Sure, it’s easy to install WordPress and upload a theme. But what happens next? Why not make this first impression blow the user away, offering a simple, intuitive, and clever interface to help them get started?