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How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life

Written by Russ Roberts

I decided to read this book as part of a challenge to read a book in one week. This book met the requirement of and honestly the cover looked pretty awesome.

This book blew me away. I was somewhat familiar with Adam Smith, but I had no idea how much of a self-help guru he truly was.

Honestly, this book will change your life. And Roberts does an incredibly good job parsing through Smith's prose and translating it for the modern reader.

I am already looking forward to sifting through it once more and taking in the likely many points of wisdom I would have missed.

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I spent the summer of 2017 living in a remote camp called Santoy. I spent most of my time hiking reading, canoeing or watching Letterkenny and Rick & Morty.

It was peaceful, but at many times, quite lonely. During those lonely moments, the songs in this collection kept me company.

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Degenerates is a playlist I began working on before I travelled to Mexico last spring with some friends.

The songs retell the moods, expressions and experiences I was having before the trip, while on the trip, and shortly after I returned home.

The goal was for the playlist to live up to the title, though I likely missed this mark. However, the namesakes, my friends, they fulfilled their end of the bargain.

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