I love discovering new music and with streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music, discovering music has never been easier. It is not uncommon for me to find three or four amazing artists or bands in a given week. I’ve recently started to create playlists of these special songs in an effort to add more anxiety to my ever increasing music library.


Degenat thumb

My third playlist is not completed as of this writing. As with my previous two collections, it includes a variety of similar styles and themes, but I was aiming for relatively more up-beat, faster tempo songs here. As is usually the case, I believe I probably did not accomplish this goal.

Listen to this Degenerates on Spotify or Apple Music.

God Bless Seductress

IMG_289F5CFF3709-1 thumb

God Bless Seductress in a lot of ways is the sequel to my first playlist, As It Happens. I started working on it in February 2017, but it was essentially an overflow, because I was finding my original playlist to be getting too lengthy. It includes similar themes, styles and genres: a few country songs buried between rock, pop, and alternative tracks about love, life, etc.

Listen to God Bless Seductress on Spotify or Apple Music.

As It Happens

As It Happens(2)

I started working on As It Happens in late 2016. Many of the songs I found on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, best-of-2016 collections from Apple Music, as well as many other songs that I stumbled across in the fall. I envisioned this playlist to be used for background noise at gathering with friends, however I’m not convinced the finished product would serve that function too well.

You can listen to As It Happens on Spotify or Apple Music.