About me

My name is Michael Raiwet. I am a 27-year-old soon to be graduate of the University of Regina where my focus was primarily in geoscience and political science. I have spent most of my life living in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. I am a lover of music, television, podcasts, movies, and the occasional video game.

When I was much younger, I desperately wanted to become a filmmaker. Under my belt, I’ve made several skateboarding videos and a three or four sequel horror series wherein one of my friends murdered some people with shovels.

Today, I find myself at a interesting point in my life. Soon to be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Geology during a year with a struggling energy sector, some reevaluations have to be considered, and some plans may have to be temporarily scrapped.

About the website

This website is built with WordPress using the Nada theme created by Paul Jarvis. It is a beautifully minimal theme that I have personalized just a bit. I do most of my writing using the wonderful Ulysses on my 13” MacBook Pro. I edit all my graphics with Affinity Designer, which has been a blessing ever since I switched over from Adobe Photoshop last fall. Finally, I manage my web content with the dynamic duo, Transmit and Coda, both by Panic Inc.

I decided to build this website because I felt like I had something of value to share with the world. I am very passionate in a lot of different areas, such as the environment, science, technology, politics, music, film, and conservation. I have a lot of opinions, and I believe some of them may even be good! I also have a less than average memory, so I wanted to be able to catalog some of my fonder (and not-so-fonder) memories to conquer my fear of turning 40 with little to look back on.

The truth is, I’ve wanted to create a website like this for years, and have attempted many times to do so. I can’t say if it was poor timing, lack of motivation, or incompatible workflow for why my previous blogs lay dormant shortly after inception; and I suppose I cannot promise the same won’t happen for this blog, but I can say that I am extremely excited at the opportunities to express myself offers at this current junction in my life.

What should you expect?

I will use this blog to express opinions about various current affairs related to popular culture and politics.

I will share recommendations for great music, films, etc. from sources that I feel is often under recognized or under appreciated.

I will document life experiences past and present, hopefully as best as I can remember them. I will share my philosophy, life tips, and ideas for how I approach the world, good and bad.

I am one of the more technologically inclined members of my friends or family, and because of this I have a somewhat inflated sense of utility when it comes to using the technology we are all so reliant upon. Additionally, I am obsessed with organization and minimalism and have devoted entire days of my life considering the pros and cons of all matters of organizing one’s life. I’d like to impart some of this knowledge/ onto the world, thereby justifying all of my fixations.

And finally, as I continue my lifelong goal to learning new stuff everything, and to become a slightly better human being every single day, I hope to share in on these developments.