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My third playlist is not completed as of this writing. As with my previous two collections, it includes a variety of similar styles and themes, but I was aiming for relatively more up-beat, faster tempo songs here. As is usually the case, I believe I probably did not accomplish this goal.

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God Bless Seductress

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God Bless Seductress in a lot of ways is the sequel to my first playlist, As It Happens. I started working on it in February 2017, but it was essentially an overflow, because I was finding my original playlist to be getting too lengthy. It includes similar themes, styles and genres: a few country songs buried between rock, pop, and alternative tracks about love, life, etc.

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As It Happens

As It Happens(2)

I started working on As It Happens in late 2016. Many of the songs I found on Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist, best-of-2016 collections from Apple Music, as well as many other songs that I stumbled across in the fall. I envisioned this playlist to be used for background noise at gathering with friends, however I’m not convinced the finished product would serve that function too well.

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This Negativity is Bringing Me Down


I have a negative streak, and I’ve had it for awhile. It probably began sometime in my early teens as a result of hormones and listening to too many bands singing about their lousy childhoods. I don’t know what my problem was, I had a great childhood. A loving family, good friends and growing up in a comfortable environment in a peaceful little town. And yet, as I look at all of my photos from fourteen on to about eighteen, I seem to rarely smile. I guess I can chalk it up to teenage angst and a certain amount of being uncomfortable in one’s own skin.

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Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy yourself! I thought it might be beneficial to use my first post to outline some of what I want to accomplish with this website.

First and fore most important, I’d like to use this blog to document my life. I am a few months away from receiving my bachelors of science, and I am honestly a little worried that before too long, these memories will become faint and unimposing, much like how I regard my time in high school today. But it is in large part through these experiences that have shaped who I am today, and it is a great shame that I do not possess the compass that got me here.

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